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English to Hindi Transliterator

February 27, 2009

English to Hindi transliteration made easy ! 🙂 By Transliteration I mean that whatever text you write in English, you are going to get the text back in Hindi. There is a Google bot which does this instantaneously. The bot is named (hehe) – 


This Bot needs to be added to the Gtalk as your friend. The transliterator is now ready ! All you need to do is to ping the bot with the English text, it will reply back with the transliterated text within seconds. This text can be copy pasted anywhere you like. If you wanna write a email/document in English and transliterate to Hindi, just ping the bot.

People, now are wondering what to type and check if the transliterator works. I did wonder after adding the Bot to my Gtalk. Hmmm, then set my mind and went on trying with my first piece text. It was nothing other that “Hello World !!!” and I was suprised when I saw ” हेल्लो वर्ल्ड !!! “. So its you turn now…

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