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50 things to do in Tamil Nadu

December 20, 2012

The Great Living Chola Temple at Thanjavur. Click for more photosThe Great Living Chola Temple at Thanjavur. Click for more photos

How many of us have a bucket list of places to go and things to do there but never get around to actually going there or doing them. Yahoo! India reader Thennarasu wrote to us with an invitation to his home state, Tamil Nadu, with this list of 50 things to do while you’re there.


1. Eat a meal on a banana leaf — there’s a belief that it might cure Parkinson ‘s disease

2. Visit the Great Living Chola Temples, the UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back to the 10th century

3. Go to Ooty on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway — it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a legacy of remarkable British engineering



  1. Nilgiri Mountain Railway

    Yahoo Lifestyle Entertainment Photo by Pawan Koppa/IRFCATue 10 Jul, 2012 3:30 PM IST

    On a cold morning, a crowd of people rush to board the 662SR Mettupalayam-Udhagamandalam (Nilagiri) Passenger.

     is an IT professional who is a full-time techie on weekdays while transforming… more 

4. Get blessed by an elephant — how often can you get one?

5. Visit the Cholamandalam Artists’ Village, the pride of modern Tamil Art

6. Take an auto ride in Chennai. Chennai auto-drivers even have their own websites. Plus, it is the luxury of the middle-class.

7. Taste idli and dosa and wonder how many types of chutneys exist in Tamil Nadu. We are really a bunch of choosy pickers when it comes to idli and dosa!

8. Watch a Rajanikanth film in a movie theatre, if possible on the first day to understand the definition of hero worship!

Jallikattu - the blood-sport of bull-taming. Click for more photosJallikattu – the blood-sport of bull-taming. Click for more photos

9. Participate in Jallikattu — bull taming — in Madurai. Or, if you’re chicken, just watch!


10. Find and listen to your favourite Ilayaraja or A R Rahman song — everybody’s got to have one!

11. Men, sport a moustache. And women, plait your hair and decorate it with a garland of fragrant jasmine flowers!

12. Decorate the front of your house with kolam — a more decorative and artistic rendition of rangoli — and hang bunches of harvested paddy outside your home for the birds to feed on. (We have our own homegrown Kolam Picassos, and the patterns they come out with are astonishing!)

13. Drink strong filter coffee In a Tamil-style cup and saucer known as davarah and tumbler

The five rathas at Mahabalipuram. Click for more photos.The five rathas at Mahabalipuram. Click for more photos.

14. Visit the shore temples of Mahabalipuram (another UNESCO World Heritage Site of the 7th century) and admire the art of sculpting in this little town


15. Wander around to wonder at the Indo-Saracenic and Gothic style buildings of Chennai, some of which are over a hundred years old

16. Visit Pondicherry to marvel at the French Architecture (and our own French Connection)

17. Beat the heat by eating all your summer fruit glazed with a layer of salt-and-chilli-powder mixture! Cucumber, unripe mango, gooseberry, guava and pineapple taste best like this. And drink tender coconut or buttermilk or sugarcane juice to quench your thirst. And if you like it aerated, there’s Bovonto, our very own answer to Coca Cola!

18. Shop for beautiful silk sarees at Kancheepuram (the Chinese may have invented silk, but Tamils perfected it)

19. Celebrate Pongal by cooking sweet rice outdoors in clay pots or join the annual celebration of Elephant Pongal at Top Slip

20. Buy Horlicks for someone sick

21. Feed crows on special occasions

22. Whistle for Chennai Super Kings at M A Chidambaram stadium!

23. Attend Thiruvaiyaru Music Festival

24. Visit Pichavaram, the world’s second largest mangrove forests, for the Dawn Fest or Vidiyal Vizha

25. Sanctify your new dresses with turmeric

The imposing Matri Mandir at Auroville26. Visit Auroville, the international commune near Pondicherry

27. Visit the Toda tribal village in the Nilgiris (also learn about the other tribes — Badaga, Irula, Kota and Kurumba)

28. Go to Natyanjali Dance Festival celebrated at the 1,000-year-old Chidambaram temple near Cuddalore. The dance hall is adorned with pillars exhibiting the classic 108 poses of Lord Nataraja.

29. Go on a parisal (coracle) ride in Hogenakkal

30. Watch the magical kurinji flower bloom in Kodaikanal. It blooms every 12 years and the next bloom is in 2018

31. Widen your understanding of Tamil culture and architecture at Dakshina Chitra, Muttukadu

32. Go to Sittanavasal in Pudukkottai district to see some of the oldest Jain paintings

33. Visit the iconic Madurai Meenakshi temple

34. Ride into the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve on an elephant

35. Explore corals and other marine life in a glass-bottomed boat in the Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park

36. Visit Karaikudi to experience the vibrant Chettinad culture, architecture and food

37. Watch Theerthavari in Mahamaham Tank, Kumbakonam, held once in 12 years. A dip in the tank is believed to offer the combined benefits of a bath in all the sacred rivers. The next Mahamaham is in 2016.

Dindigul near Madurai has earned the name of Biryani City. Click for moreDindigul near Madurai has earned the name of Biryani City. Click for more

38. Taste some regional speciality dishes and snacks — Dindigul biryani, Manaparai muruku, Thirunelveli halwa, Madurai jigar thanda and Kumbakonam coffee


39. Visit the Birla Science Planetarium in Chennai

A lake surrounded by tea gardens in Meghamalai. Click for moreA lake surrounded by tea gardens in Meghamalai. Click for more

40. Spot endangered wildlife in Meghamalai in Theni district. Meghamalai is also known for its spice tourism with a variety of plantations including tea, coffee, pepper, cardamom and cinnamon.


41. Throw rice on the bride and groom at a Tamil wedding. Rice signifies prosperity and fertility

42. Buy a pair of Kuthu Vilakku — brass lamps — from Nachiyar Kovil in Kumbakonam. Every public event and home celebration begins only after these brass lamps are lit.

43. Witness the making of bronze statues using the traditional Lost-Wax process at Swamimalai near Kumbakonam

44. Join the Students’ Sea Turtle Conservation Network (SSTCN) volunteers on a night walk along the beaches of Chennai to conserve and create awareness about the endangered Olive Ridley Sea Turtle.

45. Enjoy the panoramic view of Tiruchi and Srirangam from Tiruchi Malai Kotai Rock Fort

46. Get your picture on a street poster or a billboard for some reason (marriage, birthday, welcoming a political leader, coming-of-age ritual, ear-piercing ritual, or just to wish your favourite actor or sports star!)

Flamingos at Pulicat Lake. Photo: Lakshmi Sharath. Click for storyFlamingos at Pulicat Lake. Photo: Lakshmi Sharath. Click for story

47. Go birdwatching in any of the birding hotspots — Vedanthangal , Pulicat Lake, Kunthakulam or Point Calimere


48. Taste the Mukkani — three supreme and heavenly fruits — mango, jackfruit and banana

49. Try to know your future from Nadi Jothidam – these are palm manuscript horoscopes written hundreds of years ago for every individual on earth. Or try parrot astrology or palmistry.

50. Walk amidst lush green paddy fields

Thennarasu is a BPO employee who works in Chennai. Originally from Kumbakonam, his interests include travel, photography, meeting new people, bird-watching and cooking.


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Look at what a North Indian had to say about Rajnikanth !

December 26, 2010

A Must read for Rajnikanth’s Critiques …………..

A mail that I got from a North Indian this evening about MY RAJINI!!!!!

I was forwarded this from a friend in this mail loop who received this incredible reply from a person working in Infy at Pune. He had received a stupid mail that made fun of Rajini at 5 20 IST today 27th October, 2010. He had replied in exactly 25 minutes this awesome reply! Now he is the MAN…

Dear Colleagues,

A lot of people are criticizing Rajnikanth or in fact making fun of him.

Let me share with you few of my thoughts,

First of all am not a TAMILIAN (This is to avoid the usual first impression “OH.. he might be from Tamil Nadu).

Once I was a critic of Rajnikanth and I use to make fun of him.

But when I started watching Tamil movies, I came across lot of good movies, good approach and strong scripts in Tamil (Note: These films didn’t had larger than life hero’s).

Even I saw Tamil movies acted by Vijay, Ajith,Vikram etc.(who are big stars in TN) getting crashed at box-office when they did larger than life roles, and people openly criticizing them for doing such roles. But when it comes to Rajni Tamilians accept everything he does. Even today s youth will die for Rajni. As it is evident from our BB.

This made me THINK in a different angle.

When I started thinking in that angle, what I found made me felt pity for teasing such a true human being. Yes, what I found in Rajni is a real human being, a down to earth person, a responsible citizen.

A person who showcase his real life (Note: I said real life and not reel life) as a message to his people. As Gandhiji said “My life is my Message”. He sets good examples. He conveys good message, even in his latest movie Enthiran there are lot of good messages being conveyed for e.g.: boozing, spitting paan from train.

If u wanna see the real actor in Rajni watch his old movies in 80‘s.  Now because of his stardom his roles are limited. But he is a man of simplicity. He never puts make up unless he s acting in a movie.

Even though he is the No.1 in TN. He openly praised his fellow actor Kamal Hasan (am not elaborating it).

Just search YouTube u will get that video.

Rajnikanth thanked Aiswarya Rai for acting opposite him. This was a very funny as well as a touching speech from a legend. Just refer YouTube and search for Rajnikanth s funny speech during Enthiran music release.

In my opinion people love Rajni more as a person, than as an actor. Its true he can make everything possible. If he wishes he will be the next chief minister of TN and that too he don t want to join any political party. He can just form a new political party and contest in elections. Damn sure, he will win the majority. But still Rajnikanth haven’t entered politics.

If Tamilians Respect him, adore him or even consider him as a god. Then, my dear critics of Rajnikanth. Rajnikanth deserves it.

A few points which make him different from the so called stars of cinema:

  • Rajnikanth is not an actor who goes to late night parties, booz like a mad dog and takes out his SUV and run over poor migrant workers.
  • Rajnikanth is not an actor who openly supports Pakistanis when the whole India was crying after the Mumbai attack.
  • Rajnikanth is not an actor who changes his wife like dress nor he chose to marry a girl half his age, even though he s having kids.
  • Rajnikanth is not an actor who served jail term for anti national activities or share dais or parties with underworld dons.
  • Rajnikanth is the only actor who repays all the loss caused to the producer, distributors if his film doesn’t go well at the box office for e.g.: Baba, Kuselan.
  • Rajnikanth never acts in any advertisements nor become a brand ambassador of a product which gives false promises and have a bad impact in our economy. Just think a man who have crores of diehard fans never accept any advertisement offers.

These are just a tip of a huge iceberg. Am just an average reader.  Even though I don t know Tamil nor I have ever gone to Tamil Nadu, I could say these much. If people of Tamil Nadu starts speaking about his good character this post will never end. That much good quality this Man possesses.

Am not asking anybody to respect him.

Why making fun or teasing a Good Human being. It hurts the people of Tamil Nadu( our fellow citizens) or his Fans. Because for them, he is the most respected person.

For one to become a hero or a star in the minds of crores of people, there s no need of muscle, color, cash or luxury. Just look at Rajnikanth. You can see how good a human being can be.

And that’s the reason why Tamilians call him


Meaning of thalaiva is oh ohh am not the correct person to explain it. It should come from the heart of a Tamilian.

This is a very short description about Rajnikanth. And I am not posting this as an answer to someone. It’s just my personal opinion.


Saket Phapale


Infosys Technologies | Pune

Mob: +91 7709402161


I never Imagined… Rajni can reach this heights…. 🙂 🙂 …. If you think what is great about this, I can have one for me as well, Reconsider and Rethink… Rajni may not even know such a thing exists…. 🙂 … Someone who was inspired by him, has made this website.

I don’t want to say anything else, the mail has explained every single thing I wanted to say !! I would like to appreciate the “Saket Phapale” for his reply. I was particularly impressed by what he said about the Politics. I bet, he will Win with Majority even without a day of campaigning !!

Semmozhiyaana Tamizh Mozhiyaam !

August 28, 2010

Don’t be surprised or think its faked out…. In Tamil we do use all those words and figures…..!!

Hats off to Tamil !! 🙂

ABC to Tamil Movies List 2009 – The Good, Bad and Ugly

December 14, 2009

Guru has given some awards to Tamil movies released this year. Its interesting …. read it up !!

The ultimate Dictionary Of Madras Tamil !!!

December 8, 2009

Allwa – To cheat
Aatha – Mother
Abase – Loot adiththal
Alppam – A silly/cheap dude
Anna – The elder brother
Anni – Anna’s figure
Appeettu – Unsuccessful
Asaththal – Kalakkal
Bajari – A not-so-friendly figure
Bandha – Pillim
Bekku – Fool
Body – Muscular Machi
Chithee – Aunty Figure
Dapsa/Doop – Lie
Desi Gujili – An Indian figure in US
Dhil – Courage
Dhool – Super
Dham – To smoke
Daavu – Site seeing
Dickielona – A friendly game played in Delhi (courtesy Movie : Gentleman)
Damaram – Deaf
Dori – Squint-eyed Figure item – Young/Attractive Lady/Women/Girl
Freeyaavidu – Forget it
Gaali – Appeettu
Gujili – Figure
Guru – Head of the gang
Gujaals – Having fun with Gujilis
Gaanapaattu – Rap song sung by Machis
Galeej – Dirty
Gilli, Goli – Traditional games played in Madras
Goltti – A dude from Andhra
Jakku – An exclamation on seeing a not-so-Takkar figure (see Jil below)
Jollu – Bird watching
Jilpaans – Gujaals
Jute – Escape when caught up by girlfriend’s father.
Jujubi – Easy
Jil – An exclamation on seeing a Takkar figure
Jalsa – Same as Gujaals
Kaattaan – Uncivilized/ Rude Machi
Kenai – Idiot
Kikku / Mabbu – Intoxicated/under influence
Kalakkalls – To cause a flutter
Kanai pakri – Friend of ushar pakri
Kindal – To make Fun
Kaka adikarathu – applying ‘soap’ on someone
K M L – Kedacha Mattum Labam
Kutti – Figure
Kudumba figure – Homeloving Gujli
Kudumba paatu – A song with which machis identify themselves
Kulls – A short machi
Laddu – Allva
Loot adiththal – to steal
Maams – One cool dude
Maanga – Fool
Machi – Maams
Mandai – A sharp guy
Mary – feminine of Peter
Mavu – refer O B.
Nachunu – Bull’s eye
Nambitten – I don’t believe you
Naattu Kattai – A well-built village figure
Naattan – Villager
Naamam – To cheat
Naina – Father (courtesy Telugu)
Kadalai – Machi talking to a Gujili or vice versa
OB- To waste time
Ottal – To make fun of some one
Ondrai anna – Worthless
Pattaani – Machi talking to Machi or Gujli talking to Gujli
Peter Party – Machi trying to show off by talking in hi-fi english
Pathni – A figure who goes around the block
Pakkri – A shrewd dude
Petta – Area
Pisaaththu – Cheap
Pillim – Show-off
Peela – To lie
Rambo – A manly figure
Sister – Often used by Machis while approching ‘figures’ for the first time
Songi – Lazy
Saanthu pottu – Possibility of getting beaten by a stick (courtesy
Movie :Thevar Magan)
Takkar figure – Semma figure
Thanni – Liquor
Thalaivar – Leader
Tin katrathu – Getting into trouble (courtesy Movie: Anjali)
Ushar pakri – Smart pakri
Vennai – Fruit
Weightaana figure – A very attractive/rich figure
Wrong kaatrathu – Acting indifferently

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