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What is special about 03/03/09 ?

March 4, 2009

Before reading the post, have a look at the date and ponder over a bit……  I guess most of us have missed the significance of it. I found this post informative, so I have replicated it. 

For years I have been celebrating March 14 (3/14) as Pi Day, which I have always considered the mathematical holiday of the highest importance — I mean, come on, it’s Albert Einstein’s birthday! — and never thought about commemorating any other day for its numerical beauty.

But today, I have been out-geeked. Today, it turns out, is Square Root Day. That’s because it’s 3/3/09, and 3 x 3 = 9, meaning 3-squared equals 9. I had never considered that this relationship between month, day, and year occurs so rarely. In fact, this “square root” coincidence in dates only happens nine times every century — the last one being 2/2/04.

How should you celebrate Square Root Day? According to CNET, a teacher in Redwood City, California, has organized a contest. Apparently, people will cut root vegetables into squares or make foods into the square root symbol shape.


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