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Download and Install JDK !

May 23, 2009

Is it necessay to install JDK in Suse 11.1 ?

I was trying to install NetBeans 6.5 in Suse 11.1. Unfortunately, the JDK was not installed when I installed the OS. I had to search a lot before I found the JDK. The following site has the jdk-6u14 for Linux, Windows and Solaris along with the installation instructions. (Note – Always download and install the jdk from the java sites and ensure that you install the correct version)

I am briefing out the procedure anyways. Choose the appropriate version of JDK depending on the type of your OS. For Suse 11.1, I used the Linux Self Extracting File


You can download and install the rpm as well. Then you need to copy this file to appropriate folder. Usually people install java in /usr/java or /usr/local/java. Give executable permission to the binary file. This is done by

chmod +x filename

Then execute the file. It can be done as follows


Read the instruction and the accept it by typing yes“. You have successfully done. I did the same and went ahead installing NetBeans. 😀

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