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ABC to install Gnuplot SuSE 11.1

June 10, 2009

GNU Plot is not installed in SuSE 11.1 by default. But, the  installation is fairly simple. It is going to take less than a minute !

The easiest way to install Gnu Plot is to use the Installation disk. Just a package needs to be installed ! The steps are as follows –

1. Go to YaST Control Center. Select ‘Software’ on the left panel and then open ‘Software Management’ on the right.

2. Make a search for ‘gnuplot’.

3. The is only one package for gnuplot. Check mark that. Have a look at the  snap if something wasn’t clear.

YaSt Software management

YaSt Software management

4. Click on Accept and the Installation start. Remember to insert the Installtion disk when propmted. :P

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