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A post with largest number of Comments !

March 21, 2009

I always wanted to have a post with large number of comments. But, I was lost thinking about a possible post which would help me reach that goal. Today, suddenly an idea flashed in my gray cells. It was obvious that the post had to  interesting and if it is useful, it is an added advantage. As there are millions and millions of bloggers, why not make a post where  people comment about their or their friend’s blog. 

I opine that it would not only be beneficail for the people who are searching for information but also  the populatily of your blog increase as many get to read it. It would be like a kind of publicity :D. Last but not the least, I will be having a post with large number of comments. I atleast hope so 🙂

If you intend to comment, put in the address of your blog and describe briebfly on what you blog !

Let me give it a start……

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