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Five elements or Five Bhuuthas

March 1, 2016

Sarvam Brahmamayam (All is Brahman). You know there are five elements or bhuuthas, which constitute, by their permutations and combinations, the world called Prapancham, the “Five-constituted.” Prithivi or the Earth element has five qualities, the maximum, and so, it is the grossest. It has its own special characteristic of gandha (smell), as well as the characteristic of the other four, namely, sparsha, rasa, ruupa and sabdha (touch, taste, form and sound). The next one Jala, the water-element has only four, its own special one—taste and touch, form So it is subtler than the Earth-element. Agni is subtler still, because apart from its special characteristics of form, it has only two others, sound and touch. Vaagu, the Air-element has touch as its special and one more quality, sound.
Finally the lightest and subtlest of all the five, Aakaasha, the Sky-element, has only one
characteristic, its own, namely, sabdha. Now, God is subtler than even Aakaasha and so He is all-pervading, even more than ether or anything more pervasive than that. His nature is beyond.

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