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Must Watch Ted Videos

January 5, 2013

Time and again, I find some awesome Ted Video on either facebook, twitter, Quora or the Ted website itself. But, I have always wondered, it would be good, if I can find a list of such videos, so that when I am bored or at leisure, I could see them. Since, over time I din’t find any, I thought I will make one such list and update it sporadically, hope you enjoy it.

PS : I found this, but since I have started this post, I am going to continue posting link of video, I see and like 🙂

(Note, they are not ordered. I keep appending new videos at the end.)

Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity –

Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution! –

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation –

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action –

Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology –

Helen Fisher: Why we love, why we cheat –

Jessa Gamble: Our natural sleep cycle –

Barry Schwartz: The paradox of choice –

Benjamin Zander: The transformative power of classical music –

Hans Rosling: Stats that reshape your worldview –

A collection of 15 great Ted Talks –

Martin Seligman: The new era of positive psychology –

Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness –

7 Awesome TED Talks –

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