Hard Life

Every passing day erodes my confidence
Every passing moment takes away my hope
Every passing person shoots the same question

It is hard to put up a fake smile & move around
It is hard to pretend as if everything is alright
It is hard to believe when there is no hope

How could I not let out my frustration?
How could I stop feeling depressed?
How could I end hurting others?

I know this is not gonna last forever
I know everything is gonna be alright
But how long and how many to lose

Sometimes, Life comes as a surprise
Sometimes, it comes as a blessing
And other times it comes really hard at u…

Throwing you in the deepest and darkest pit ever
Making you wander around lonely and secluded
Can I find a light of hope in this darkness??

(Again, she doesn’t know it is here)

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    Change your unloving, insensitive, hate filled religion.

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