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Noble Prize : Winning Formula

October 24, 2012

Hard Life

October 6, 2012

Every passing day erodes my confidence
Every passing moment takes away my hope
Every passing person shoots the same question

It is hard to put up a fake smile & move around
It is hard to pretend as if everything is alright
It is hard to believe when there is no hope

How could I not let out my frustration?
How could I stop feeling depressed?
How could I end hurting others?

I know this is not gonna last forever
I know everything is gonna be alright
But how long and how many to lose

Sometimes, Life comes as a surprise
Sometimes, it comes as a blessing
And other times it comes really hard at u…

Throwing you in the deepest and darkest pit ever
Making you wander around lonely and secluded
Can I find a light of hope in this darkness??

(Again, she doesn’t know it is here)

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