Appraisal Lessons From Girl Friend(s)…

Got this as a fwd..A very nice read.. 🙂

Explain Some real facts with the help of girlfriend example (: D by one of the CTS blogger.)

I  hope it may be of some help to you in your personal life and professional life 🙂

I have copied the content below for your convenience.

Appraisal Lessons From Girl Friend(s)..!


The content below is purely out of imagination to get a few smiles across your face.

Any reference to any one reading this is may be just coincidence.

Another appraisal and filling up the document one more time. I was really serious about getting a good feedback this time but I want to know how.

I can only think of my friend who has got a 1st bucket in all his previous appraisal. He told me what people expect from us and how he learnt this things. I really got shocked hearing from where he got his lessons. It’s none other than his girl friend(surprised right?.. even me too). If you have little patience you can learn the following lessons.

What this post has for you?
• For Guys who have/had Girl friends,  get a good laugh for the lessons you have already learnt.
• Those who are trying to have a girl friend, Be Prepared.
• And for those who can’t get one(like me) gives you few more reasons to feel better.

It’s time to move on … and learn some Corporate Lessons from Your Girl Friend(s)

Here’s the conversation between me and my friend

Lesson 1:

Friend: You and your girl friend are returning from a movie in your bike. You have a lot of important assignments. so you tell her that you have some work and drop her somewhere near her place or somewhere where she can catch a bus/auto.
You ask her whether you can drop her at her place.
Her reply will be “It’s OK. You carry on with your work”.
What will you do?
Me : Drop her there and leave???
Friend: Missing it. Never try to do that (unless in the scenario that I tell you later)..Think again
when girl says NO … it means YES(most of the times).
Me :ho.. what does that mean?
Friend : Confusing??? the explanation is beyond the scope of our conversation. Let’s see what should we do instead.
You should say “Its’ ok. I’ll drop you”.
She will decline repeatedly saying “Hey, It’s Fine”(notice that she won’t make an attempt to get down from the bike).
So don’t mess up. Just drop her at her place.
Do you get something from the above??
Me : NO??
Friend : Come on, this is the most important attitude your boss expects from you and we should definitely have this atleast in our appraisal Document/Resume etc..
and it is
You go, communicate and share work from your team mates. Even if you are held up with your work and they too are hesitant to share it with you.

I was bowled first ball..

Lesson 2:

Friend : Consider the scenario in lesson 1 till you ask her whether you can drop her at her place. And she will reply “It’s OK.You carry on with your work. I’ll get a bus/Auto”. This time she says it firmly.(And even gets down from your bike during the conversation)
What will you do?
Me : (casually)will follow what you said in Lesson 1..
Friend: NO NO NO.. Don’t do that. If you do that then you will be accused of anywhere between
*thinking that she is so stupid to catch a bus or auto by herself
*Very dominant or * trying to control her
Me:  ????
Friend : complicated Right?
Me: Yes.
Friend : Don’t worry.. you will get used to it
In this scenario when a girl says NO she means NO..You better leave her so that she can go by herself.
Understand something
Me : Though I can sense something I can’t be clear.
Friend: Our lesson is Simple
A good way to get things done.

Lesson 3:

(Are you a guy with a girl friend from some other place? then this is for  you..)

Friend : She comes to you and says her parents(your may be in-laws) are coming here and she needs to book tickets for them. But she is scared to stand in the counter early in the morning. Believe me, you will hear statements like this and she don’t know how she is going to book the tickets. Even the site is not working nowadays J
What will you do ?
Me : Tell her to try the site one more time or encourage her that she can get ticket in the counter??
Friend: If so, then you should be exiled to some unknown planet.
You should instead wake up at 5(or sleep in the station) go to the counter and book her ticket. Remember you should do this by yourself rather than she asking you for help(and she won’t infact).
Me: So does that mean I should go to office by 5 or 6 in the morning?
Friend: Don’t worry, no job is so demanding.
Actually it’s a tip for success..
volunteer to help your boss in preparing that important presentation or helping with some documentation when they are looking ways for doing it..


Don’t be so stupid to ask your girl friend to book ticket for your parents or your boss to help in your own Presentation.

I started feeling happy that I am learning something though it is confusing.

Lesson 4:

Friend : Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between giving treat to your friend who is a boy and your girlfriend.
Me: Nope.
Friend : Here it is.. When you give treat to a guy you need to take him alone (or your friends if you wish)..
But when you say treat to your girlfriend you end up taking a big gang.(she will say that they are for company since she can’t come alone. If so, then what are you for?)
Ok that’s out of our scope again. Let’s come back to business.
You are taking her and her friends for a treat. You book tickets for a movie and then a lunch at someplace.
Be careful the outcome of this can change your life.

So here’s some possible scenarios and their outcomes.

•The movie is Good and you got a good lunch – Her friends tell her that she is very lucky to have a guy like you( that’s as lucky as getting a first bucket)
•The movie is bad but you managed for a better(heavy) lunch – Her friends tell her that you are okay and you are lucky to get her(Second Bucket hmmm…)
•Both are bad – You end up looking like a joker mocked by her friends often( if your girlfriend is with you for so long). Her friends may even advice her to think twice about you (Worse than a 3 or 4th bucket)
It’s better you arrange for another movie and lunch soon. Of course, after a lot of research.
Got anything??
Me: ????
Friend: We have got the greatest lesson man…


Oh.. I am getting enlightened

Lesson 5:

Friend: You both decide to go somewhere for lunch. After a lot of discussion you can’t suggest any place and she suggested some place. You go there and the food is terrible.
What will be your reaction?
Me: Tell her that her choice is bad.
Friend: Gone. She will get upset. Then you end up eating there more often for the sake of consoling her.
So tell her that it’s your own fault as you should have known some good restaurants.
Instead, you go to the place you suggested where everything is good and she orders something. It turns out to be great.
Don’t try to boast that you always make good choice. Just tell her that her choice is always the best(should be..that’s why you are her boyfriend)
Me: I got it. We should take responsibility for failures..
Friend : In that line.To  be precise it is

I started comparing now, which one is difficult getting a good appraisal or having a girl friend…

Lesson 6:

Friend: Next one is short and simple.
Your girl friend asks you to join for a movie that she is going with her friends
Imagine What will happen even if you are 5 minutes late? I need not explain about the outcome.
It always better waiting rather than to make her wait.
So reach the theatre before her.
Once the movie is over make sure that you always start after she had left with her friends.
And our final lesson is

So I hope you had a good time learning these lessons.
Implementing these may help you professionally but i don’t know how much this can help you personally.
All the best for your appraisal…

Now I came out smiling that I found the reason for two things.

How to get a good appraisal
And Why I don’t have a girl friend.

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