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ABC to install Pidgin in SUSE 11.1

June 5, 2009

Well, I was one of the guys who was using linux for years but never cared before to install pidgin. My roommates use Pigdin a lot. But I never cared to follow up the installation steps. So it was time for me to install and unfortunately my roomie weren’t online. Hmmm, well it true, only when you need sometime badly you realize the importance of ignorance. So, this post is for people like me and ya myself (if I happen to forget :P)

For the installtion you need the Pidgin software. But you need in search the internet for the software, I assure you.  Well if you want the site, here you go.

But, if you are using SuSE 11.1, the installation is much simpler. This is because the Suse 11.1 installtion disk has all the packages necessary for installation. The steps are as follows –

1. Go to YaST Control Center. Select ‘Software’ on the left panel and then open ‘Software Management’ on the right.

2. Make a search for ‘Pigdin’.

3. You will have a list of available sotwares related to ‘Pidgin’. You need to select the basics ones (Experts can   customize, I am a amateur)

a)  pidgin – GTK+-Based Multiprotocol Instant Messaging Client

b)  pidgin-branding-openSUSE – openSUSE branding of pidgin

c)  libpurple – Library for IM Clients Like Pidgin and Finch

May be this  snap could help you.

Pidgin Installtion

Pidgin Installtion

4. Click on Accept and the Installation starts. Remember to insert the Installation disk when prompted. 😛

Why the hell are u still read the post, Just Sign in and start chatting. 😀

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