Gnaught – A new software !

The open software crazy has gone to reach heights. The community has millions of developers and they keep inventing some new software and promote it. This in turn draws more people to the community and this is exactly why it is done. Yes.. you have got it right, a Viscous Circle.

Adding flavour to this is the software Gnaughty.  I am not going to describe what it is or how to install it. All I am going to tell is that it is a Open Source Software. Other required information are given in the link following.

I guess you have seen it ! lolz…  thinking something… go on keep thinking…

Credits to Abhishek Srivastava for discovering it !


  1. 1
    Abhishek Says:

    Good job done ,

  2. 2
    Mesanna Says:

    LOL, I had to click just to see what it did (guess I should have had an inkling from the name!). Well done, Linux developers, for catering to the community’s every want and desire 😀

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