Difference between Childlike and Childish

If a person admires a man’s or a woman’s underworldliness, it is referred by the term ‘Childlike‘, but if he is annoyed by the trait, we describe it, derogatively, as ‘Childish‘.


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    Subbuseshan Says:

    Real Nice…provided that every dumbass(apart from me) who actually spares some of his precious time reading the absolute bullcrap you post on this “blog”(the double quotes standing for all the profanity in the world i can possibly think of abusing this shithole of a “blog”(double quotes again!))with doesn’t have a dictionary close by to refer to….
    For all the other sane minded people who absolutely(and rightfully so too!!) have too much pride to be accepting condescending corrections in meaning from some random idiot…here’s an easy way

    • 2

      Well, you forget one important thing. A blog of a person is for his own use (so as to remember something). I blog for myself and don’t expect jackasses like you to comment !

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