Kate not installed in Suse 11.1

What should you do when you encounter such a problem is exactly what I am going to say ! I love Kate because it allows me to execute the programs under the same framework. When I installed SUSE 11.1, somehow Kate wasn’t installed. The following is what I did.

Go to the YaST Control Center. Choose Software on the left panel(It is chosen by default). Then open Software Management from the panel in the right and make a search for “Kate”. It shows you whether Kate is installed or not (If there is a tick mark in the checkbox, Kate is installed otherwise not !). Select the appropriate version by selecting the checkboxes and then. Click Accept to continue with the installation.

During the installation, you may need the installtion disk if the packages are not downloaded from the internet. A message will be prompted in case the disk is required. Without any further user intervention, the installtion is done ! 😀

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