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Difference between Childlike and Childish

May 31, 2009

If a person admires a man’s or a woman’s underworldliness, it is referred by the term ‘Childlike‘, but if he is annoyed by the trait, we describe it, derogatively, as ‘Childish‘.

Questions at IIM Placements !!

May 31, 2009

Recently a company had participated in IIM’s Placement Sessions. They asked some interesting questions to students during recruitment.

Here are some of them:-

************ ********* **

1. There is one word in the English language that is always pronounced incorrectly. What is it?


2. A man gave one son 10 cents and another son was given 15 cents. What time is it?


3. A boat has a ladder that has six rungs, each rung is one foot apart. The bottom rung is one foot from the water.

The tide rises at 12 inches every 15minutes. High tide peaks in one hour. When the tide is at it's highest, how many rungs are under water?


4. There is a house with four walls. Each wall faces south. There is a window in each wall. A bear walks by one of the windows. What color is the bear?


5. Is half of two plus two equal to two or three?


6. There is a room. The shutters are blowing in. There is broken glass on the floor. There is water on the floor. You find Sloppy dead on the floor. Who is Sloppy? How did Sloppy die?


7. How much dirt would be in a hole 6 feet deep and 6 feet wide that has been dug with a square edged shovel?


8. If I were in Hawaii and dropped a bowling ball in a bucket of water which is 45 degrees F, and dropped another ball of the same weight, mass, and  size in a bucket at 30 degrees F, both of them at the same time, which ball would hit the bottom of the bucket first?

Same question, but the location is in Canada ?


9. What is the significance of the following: The year is 1978, thirty-four minutes past noon on May 6th.


10. If a farmer has 5 haystacks in one field and 4 haystacks in the other field, how many haystacks would he have if he combined them all in the center field?


11. What is it that goes up and goes down but does not move?


Scroll down for answers..... .........



1.. The word "incorrectly. "


2. 1:45. The man gave away a total of 25 cents. He divided it between two people. Therefore,
he gave a quarter to two.


3. None, the boat rises with the tide. Googly 😉


4. White. If all the walls face south, the house is at the North pole, and the bear, therefore, is a polar bear.


5. Three. Well, it seems that it could almost be either, but if you follow the mathematical orders of operation, division is performed before addition.

So... half of two is one. Then add two, and the answer is three.


6. Sloppy is a (gold)fish. The wind blew the shutters in, which knocked his goldfish-bowl off the table, and it broke, killing him.


7. None. No matter how big a hole is, it's still a hole: the absence of dirt.


8. Both questions, same answer: the ball in the bucket of 45 degree F water hits the bottom of the bucket last. Did you think that the water in the 30 degree F bucket is frozen? Think again.

The question said nothing about that bucket having anything in it. Therefore, there is no water (or ice) to slow the ball down...


9. The time and month/date/year American style calendar are 12:34, 5/6/78.


10. One. If he combines all of his haystacks, they all become one big stack.


11. The temperature.

Gnaught – A new software !

May 31, 2009

The open software crazy has gone to reach heights. The community has millions of developers and they keep inventing some new software and promote it. This in turn draws more people to the community and this is exactly why it is done. Yes.. you have got it right, a Viscous Circle.

Adding flavour to this is the software Gnaughty.  I am not going to describe what it is or how to install it. All I am going to tell is that it is a Open Source Software. Other required information are given in the link following.

I guess you have seen it ! lolz…  thinking something… go on keep thinking…

Credits to Abhishek Srivastava for discovering it !

A true Love story !

May 30, 2009


Kate not installed in Suse 11.1

May 24, 2009

What should you do when you encounter such a problem is exactly what I am going to say ! I love Kate because it allows me to execute the programs under the same framework. When I installed SUSE 11.1, somehow Kate wasn’t installed. The following is what I did.

Go to the YaST Control Center. Choose Software on the left panel(It is chosen by default). Then open Software Management from the panel in the right and make a search for “Kate”. It shows you whether Kate is installed or not (If there is a tick mark in the checkbox, Kate is installed otherwise not !). Select the appropriate version by selecting the checkboxes and then. Click Accept to continue with the installation.

During the installation, you may need the installtion disk if the packages are not downloaded from the internet. A message will be prompted in case the disk is required. Without any further user intervention, the installtion is done ! 😀

Download and Install JDK !

May 23, 2009

Is it necessay to install JDK in Suse 11.1 ?

I was trying to install NetBeans 6.5 in Suse 11.1. Unfortunately, the JDK was not installed when I installed the OS. I had to search a lot before I found the JDK. The following site has the jdk-6u14 for Linux, Windows and Solaris along with the installation instructions. (Note – Always download and install the jdk from the java sites and ensure that you install the correct version)

I am briefing out the procedure anyways. Choose the appropriate version of JDK depending on the type of your OS. For Suse 11.1, I used the Linux Self Extracting File


You can download and install the rpm as well. Then you need to copy this file to appropriate folder. Usually people install java in /usr/java or /usr/local/java. Give executable permission to the binary file. This is done by

chmod +x filename

Then execute the file. It can be done as follows


Read the instruction and the accept it by typing yes“. You have successfully done. I did the same and went ahead installing NetBeans. 😀

NIT Durgapur is recruiting professors !!

May 22, 2009

NIT Durgapur Faculty vacancy May09

Published by Manisha for
National Institute of Technology (NIT)
Durgapur West Bengal – India – 713209

Standing Advertisement for Faculty Positions

The Institute invites applications from Indian Nationals, possessing consistently good academic background with commitment to quality teaching, research and projects for faculty positions in the following disciplines at the level of Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers in the following area :

  • Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Computer Centre, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Humanities & Social Sciences (Economics / English), Information Technology, Mathematics, Management Studies, Master of Computer Application, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Physics

Vacancies :

  1. Professor : 18 posts, Pay Scale : Rs.16400-22400
  2. Asstt. Professor : 26 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 12000-18300
  3. Lecturer : 35 posts, Pay Scale : Rs. 8000-275-13500

Application Fee : Rs.600/- (Rs.300/- for SC and ST candidates) in the form of Bank Draft addressed to “The Director, NIT Durgapur” payable at SBI, R.E. College Branch, Durgapur—713209

How to Apply : Completed application in the prescribed format should be send through Speed Post/Registered Post/ Courier in sealed envelope super scribed with “Application for the Post of…………in the Deptt. of ………..” and should be send to the address Director, National Institute of Technology Durgapur, Mahatma Gandhi Avenue, Durgapur-713209, West Bengal, India on ore before 26/06/2009.

Details of qualification, specialisation, experience, format of application form and procedures are available

May be this is the first time in the world that a student of the college is advertising for faculty recuritment !! 😀

Source :

Credits : Somnath Singh, 3 rd year CSE, NIT Durgapur

Marriage proposal of an IT Professional !

May 21, 2009

Hi all,

Baby, I ‘v seen you yesterday while surfing on local train
platform and realized that you are the only site I was browsing for. For
long time, I have been lonely, trying to find a bug in my life and you can
be a real debugger for me now.
My life is just an uncompiled program without you, which never
produces an executable code and hence is useless. You are not only
beautiful by face but all your ActiveX controls are attractive as well.
Your smile is so delightful, which encourages me and gives
power to me equal to thousands of mainframes processing power. When you
looked at me last evening, I felt like all my program modules were running
smoothly and giving expected results. /* Which I never experienced before
With this letter, I just want to convey to you that, if we
linked together, I’ll provide you all objects & libraries necessary
for a human being to live an error free life.
Also don’t bother about the firewall which may be created by
our parents as I’ve strong hacking capabilities by which I’ll ultimately
break their security passwords and make them agree for our marriage.
I anticipate that nobody is already logged in to your database
so that my connect script will fail. And its all certain that if this
happened to me,I will crash my system beyond recovery.
Kindly interpret this letter properly and grant me all
privileges of your inbox.

Only yours,
XYZ Software Professional

A superb advertisement !

May 20, 2009


Breakfast plans for working Professionals.. !

May 19, 2009

You have probably heard the saying ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper‘. The only problem is that with busy routines and late nights, you could use that extra 15 minutes in the morning to sleep rather than have a wholesome breakfast.

But going to work on an empty stomach can do some serious damage to your system. So, Sushila Sharangdhar, a consultant dietician with over 25 years of experience, outlines five quick-fix nutritious breakfast ideas.

Stock up on ready-to-eat cereals like corn flakes, wheat flakes and muesli. Avoid sugar-frosted and chocolate-coated flakes if you are watching your weight.

The key is to make the cereal a complete meal that will sustain you till it is time for lunch. So add in a glass of warm or cold milk. And don’t forget some chopped nuts. Fresh fruit or dried fruit will add the required sweetness to your cereal.

Foods that fall in this category:

Carbohydrates Cereals (corn flakes, wheat flakes)
Proteins Milk
Fats Nuts (almonds, walnuts etc.)
Minerals Fresh fruit

Breakfast plan 2: Vegetarian theplas and yoghurt with sprouts

Most local grocery stores sell cooked food like gobi (cauliflower) parathas and mooli (radish) or methi (fenugreek) theplas. These are excellent options if you don’t have time or just can’t make it yourself. As an accompaniment, have some curd along with sprouted moong (green gram).

Foods that fall in this category:

Carbohydrates Wheat flour (theplas)
Proteins Yoghurt and bean sprouts
Fats Cooking oil (in theplas)
Minerals Vegetables (mooli, methi etc.)

Breakfast plan 3: Sandwiches

You probably know that brown bread is a healthier option than white bread. But did you know that bread is sometimes just coloured brown? So, always insist on whole wheat bread. Don’t be afraid to spread a little butter or mayonnaise on the bread because fats are important, too, even if you are on a diet.

If you are a non-vegetarian, try some chicken or fish (tuna) in your sandwich along with a couple of lettuce leaves. And for you veggies, a slice of cheese along with some tomato and cucumber would make a complete breakfast.

Breakfast plan 4: Diet khakra and yoghurt

Buy a packet of diet khakras. They make a quick and tasty breakfast. What’s more, with these you don’t have to feel guilty about mid-meal snacking. Yoghurt with chopped fresh fruit would give you the proteins, fats and minerals you need. Avoid packaged flavoured yoghurts, as they may not have the adequate fruit content.

Foods that fall in sandwich category:

Carbohydrates Whole wheat bread
Proteins Chicken or fish (non-veg)/ cheese (veg)
Fats Butter/ mayonnaise
Minerals Lettuce/ Tomato, cucumber

Foods that fall in diet khakra, yoghurt category:

Carbohydrates Khakhras
Proteins and Fats Yoghurt
Minerals Fruits

Breakfast plan 5: Porridge

Oatmeal porridge requires a little bit of cooking. But you sure can spare five minutes for something this wholesome. Cook the oatmeal with ghee and a dash of milk to a porridge consistency. Then let it cool a little and add some fresh fruit.

Too busy for breakfast?

On those days when you really can’t put a breakfast together, remember you don’t have to make a meal out of it. Eat little at intervals up to about 12 pm in the afternoon.

Here’s how you can do it.

— Drink a glass of water when you wake up. This helps dilute your digestive juices.

— Munch on a couple of glucose biscuits. If you are trying to lose weight, Marie biscuits or cream crackers would be ideal.

— Carry a small box of nuts and dried fruits with you.

— Drink a fruit or vegetable juice or eat a fresh fruit.

Foods that fall in Breakfast plan 5:

Carbohydrates Oats
Proteins Milk
Fats Ghee
Minerals Fresh fruit

Make your own breakfast

If these breakfast ideas don’t really suit your taste buds, you can come up with your own breakfast too. Quick tips:

1. You must include as many food groups as possible in your breakfast. Yes, from carbohydrates to proteins and fats to minerals, they are all an essential part of that first meal of the day.

2. Instead of sugar that adds to the calories, try natural sweeteners like honey, fresh fruit, dried fruit like figs, apricots etc.

3. Avoid very oily foods in your breakfast like medu wada or bhaturas. They tend to make your digestive system sluggish early in the morning. Instead keep your breakfast as natural as possible.

4. Make sure your breakfast has the appropriate amount of calories, which is usually one-third of your daily calorie requirement. Your daily calorie requirement could vary anywhere from 1200 to 2200 depending on your BMI and lifestyle.

5. Avoid having tea on an empty stomach. It hinders the absorption of iron. But if tea is a morning-must for you, make sure you have some solid food along with it, even it is a couple of biscuits.

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