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WWF Earth Hour !

March 26, 2009

Let us join hands together to observe this is hour.  It is high time we deal with issue. Please pass on this message to your friends. I am posting this here as I believe that anyone who reads this would take pains to pass on the message….

WWF Earth Hour

WWF Earth Hour

Time to act is NOW…SAVE EARTH. Let us hope to make earth a better place to stay in !!! 🙂

Why is Internet Explorer better ?

March 26, 2009

Yet another incident to prove that Internet explorer is better its competitors. Can any other browser perform this feat ? It remains a open Challenge ! 😛

Why is IE better ?

Why is IE better ?

Masala Dosa Personality Test !

March 24, 2009


There are many ways to eat a masala dosa ..What ever the way one eats; there is a very good reason for doing that. It shows some traits of the person that is you…


Yummy dish !

Yummy dish !

Case 1: People who open the masala dosa and eat it: These are the people who are very open about their life. Everyone one the persons friends would know all about him/her. I have generally seen guys do this rather than girls. Some people think that it is a gross way of eating but in truth, these people are just portraying who they are and how their life is.

Case 2: People who start from both end and approach the masala later: These are the people who like to wait for the exiting things to come to their life. Sadly when the times comes, they are not too interested or just do not know how to enjoy it to the fullest. These are the folks who just want life as either dry or exiting. They just do not know how to phase their life and enjoy it no matter what. There are two types of people within this group

Case 2.1: People who do not finish all the masala: These folks just do not care as much for the fun times as they are already brought down by the harsh reality of life. The dry periods in their life has left them with so much scars that they do not want to be really happy when the time is right. They just take only as much as they needed and end their life. A very sorry state indeed.

Case 2.2: People who finish all the masala with the little dosa they have: These are the folks who just are the extremes. They just go all out in life. No matter it is dark or bright. They may not enjoy life to the fullest but they sure make sure that they get every single good and bad thing out of life. Sometimes these folks are really hard to get along with. They are either your best friends or your worst enemies. They do not have a middle path at all.

Case 3: People who start from the middle and proceed to both ends: These are the people who like to get right to what they think is their best part of life. Usually these guys finish of the good portions in a hurry and get stuck with nothing but worst parts of their life. The thing to note among these people is that the tendency to burn out very early in their life. Like the above case, there are two kinds of people in this group too.

Case 3.1: People who do not finish the dosa: These folks are really the saddest of people. They are the ones who tend to end their life as soon as it hits the bad patch. For them, they only need and want the best things in life and nothing more. Typically, they are not prepared or tuned to life as a whole. They just want to enjoy from first till last. Sadly, no one in the world can live without even an ounce of sadness in life. Not even the richest of the richest. But to self destruct at the mere sign of distress is very bad. That is what these guys tend to do. Some learn to live life but most of them do not.

Case 3.2: People who do finish the dosa: These folks are the typical human beings. We all enjoy the greatest of times in life and push the sad parts thinking about the great times in life. Typically the plate is clean and nothing is left for fate or in life. Happiness and sadness are part of life and these guys know that and are kind of prepared for it. Life is not always happy but there are moments of happiness here and there.

Case 4: People who eat the dosa making sure that the masala lasts for the whole dosa: These people are very rare. These are the people who like to attain balance in their life. It is hard to displease these people and it is hard to make them really happy. They like their balance and are very protective of it. Sadly these are the people who tend to be lonely as anyone else may upset the balance of their system… Perfectionist to the core and are very careful. These guys do not make the best company but are needed in any group to make the group from going hay wire.

Case 5: People who do not share and eat the dosa as if it is precious: These folks are very protective about their life. They do not want anyone to come and interfere in their life. They like to hide their true nature and intensions for their benefit. Beware of such people as they are in every group for their own need and nothing else.

Case 6: People who offer their first bite to others: These guys are overly friendly. They do anything to be part of a group and make everyone feel like the group is important than the individuals. They are the glue that holds any group together. They are very friendly and bring the best of all the others in the group. They go out of their way to help other friends. Most groups should have a person like this and they are the ones who plan the group outings and other group activities. Once this person is out of the group, typically the group slowly falls apart.

Case 7: People who take one or two bites and then offer the dosa to others: These guys care about friends and friendship but they take their time to get into the group. They take their time in making friends and they typically are very committed once into the friendship. These guys like to always be in the side lines and typically do not jump into anything in life. They always take their time to analyze the situation and then make a decision. These guys take the better safe than sorry approach.

Case 8: People who wait for others to make the offer first: Typical people I must say. They are unsure about everything. Even if they wanted to offer, they will wait till the other person offers the food first. If the other person is silent, so are these people. They are the followers. They do terrific idea, they will pitch it to someone else and get their advice before proceeding. Sadly, most of the elderly world like these types of people.

Case 9: People who offer dosa only when they cannot finish it on their own: You all may be familiar with these kinds of people. People who are very generous only when all their needs are fulfilled. These folks are selfish but at the same time not misers or greedy. They just want to satisfy themselves before they give it to the world. They typically do not stuff themselves nor do they tend to starve. They are very good people who would give you the best of advices in life. They would make sure that you are not sad following their advice.

Case 10: People who offer the whole dosa and eat from others plates: These folks are other extreme. They know what they want, they get what they want but they cannot enjoy what they want. Instead they tend to settle for other things in life which satisfies the needs but does not satisfy the person completely. These guys are termed as born losers cause even when they have the thing they wanted, they can’t stop others from stealing it from them.

So next time you sit with a person eating a masala dosa, look closely and see if he falls into one of the above categories. You may be surprised as how much it reveals about the person*

Enjoy eating Masala Dosa 🙂

34 ways of using your time in office !

March 22, 2009

A must read for people planning to enter the industry to make their job fruitful and interesting !  

1. Form a detective agency to find out who is quitting next.

2. Make blank calls to your Boss.

3. Count your fingers (and toes if you get bored). 

4. Improve your typing speed.

5. Meditate.

6. Crib.

7. Crib some more.

8. Rearrange the furniture, i.e.. flick someone else chair just to irritate 

9. Send mails from ms-mail to your internet mail (and immediately get to the
internet and see who reaches first, you or your mail?) and read them
there..and note down the time they take to reach there. 

10. Watch other people changing their facial ex-pressions while working and
try changing your ex-pressions also..

11. Try to stretch status meetings as longer as possible, just by asking 
silly doubts.

12. Have work breaks in between tea.

13. Have a two hour lunch, its a big social occasion.

14. Tak e up smoking, so you can have cigarette breaks too.
15. Read jokes and send jokes.

16. Revise last weeks newspaper.

17. Sing in sync with the carpenters hammering.

18. Hold “How fast my computer boots” competitions. 

19. Follow the amoebae that floats in front of your eyes.

20. Try reformatting the mainframe DASD.

21. Practice aiming the coffee cup into the dustbin.

22. Compile “How to waste your day”. 

23. Pick up phone and dial non existing no.s

24. Make faces at strangers in office.

25. Make faces at your friends in office.

26. Open other people’s computers on network and try cracking their 

27. Count maximum no of applications your computer can open at a time.

28. For Windows users….Move things to Recycle bin and restore them..Then 
repeat this process. 

29. Look at someone & try to imagine how(s) he might have looked when (s)he
was 5 years old. 

30. Plan to take bath.

31. Learn to whistle. 

32. Make cracking noises, barking noises.

33. And if you are still getting bored, make full use of the comfortable
chair and table provided and take a nap.

34. Repeat 1-33 in a while(1) loop  



A post with largest number of Comments !

March 21, 2009

I always wanted to have a post with large number of comments. But, I was lost thinking about a possible post which would help me reach that goal. Today, suddenly an idea flashed in my gray cells. It was obvious that the post had to  interesting and if it is useful, it is an added advantage. As there are millions and millions of bloggers, why not make a post where  people comment about their or their friend’s blog. 

I opine that it would not only be beneficail for the people who are searching for information but also  the populatily of your blog increase as many get to read it. It would be like a kind of publicity :D. Last but not the least, I will be having a post with large number of comments. I atleast hope so 🙂

If you intend to comment, put in the address of your blog and describe briebfly on what you blog !

Let me give it a start……

You Rock ! You Rule !!

March 19, 2009

This happens to be one of my favourite picture. I hope you people like it……. I would rather say, I Rock I Rule 🙂


Which/Who is Better ?

Which/Who is Better ?

How Tech Savvies manage time ?

March 17, 2009

I have heard a lot of people telling that, “Oh ! Student from CSE or IT, they don’t have any work… nothing to study……blah..blah..blah….”. The truth behind how these people manage time ……..



These guys are awesome !

These guys are awesome !

 I hope you people stop complaining atleast now !!! 😛

Pussycat Dolls – Jai Ho along with lyrics !

March 15, 2009

I hope you enjoy the masterpiece along with the Lyrics !! 

I guess since it is the official video, it doesnt play… YouTube  has blocked it…. Never mind… Either click anywhere on the Video or Click on the follow link, in either case you are going to watch the video on YouTube 😀

In any case this video isn’t blocked…. enjoi watchin it

The Lyrics — 

Jai Ho

I got (I got) shivers (shivers), 
When you touch my face, 
I’ll make you hot, 
Get all you got, 
I’ll make you wanna say (Jai Ho)

Jai Ho (2x)

I got (I got) fever (fever), 
Running like a fire, 
For you I will go all the way, 
I wanna take you higher (Jai Ho)

I keep it steady uh-steady, 
That’s how I do it.

Jai Ho

This beat is heavy, so heavy, 
You gonna feel it.

(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe, 
(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I still believe, 
(Jai Ho) You are my destiny, 
Jai Oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh! 

No there is nothing that can stop us, 
Nothing can ever come between us, 
So come and dance with me, 
Jai Ho! (oohh)

Catch me, catch me, catch me, c’mon, catch me, 
I want you now, 
I know you can save me, you can save me, 
I need you now.

I am yours forever, yes, forever, 
I will follow, 
Anywhere in anyway, 
Never gonna let go.

Jai Ho (2x)

Escape (escape) away (away), 
I’ll take you to a place, 
This fantasy of you and me, 
I’ll never lose my chance. (Jai Ho)


I can (I can) feel you (feel you), 
Rushing through my veins, 
There’s an ocean in my heart, 
I will never be the same. (Jai Ho)

Just keep it burnin’, yeah baby, 
Just keep it comin’, 

Jai Ho

You’re gonna find out baby, 
I’m one in a million.

(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe, 
(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I still believe, 
(Jai Ho) You are my destiny, 
Jai Oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh! 

(Jai Ho) No there is nothing that can stop us, 
(Jai Ho) Nothing can ever come between us, 
So come and dance with me, 
Jai Ho! (oohh)

Catch me, catch me, catch me, c’mon, catch me, 
I want you now, 
I know you can save me, you can save me, 
I need you now.

I am yours forever, yes, forever, 
I will follow, 
Anywhere in anyway, 
Never gonna let go.

Jai Ho

I need you, 
Gonna make it, 
I’m ready, 
So take it! 

(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I breathe, 
(Jai Ho) You are the reason that I still believe, 
(Jai Ho) You are my destiny, 
Jai Oh! Oh-oh-oh-oh! 

(Jai Ho) No there is nothing that can stop us, 
(Jai Ho) Nothing can ever come between us, 
(Jai Ho) So come and dance with me, 
Jai Ho! (oohh)

Jai Ho! 

Baila baila! (3x)

Jai Ho!

Couputer Mouse to keep up their name !

March 15, 2009

Ever wondered why a computer mouse was named so ?? Hmm, I have, a lot of times :).  The next generation mice are set to keep up their name with a touch of reality. The pic below proves this. You must have a seen a lot of mice ranging from the big gaming mice to the ultra small laptop mice….. but what about this one ?


The New Computer Mouse !

The New Computer Mouse !


Hope I get one soon !  😛

Open source to permeate Microsoft

March 11, 2009


Hey all ! Microsoft finally, has plans of becoming open. So, its time to rejoice . Hopefully, If they keep to their word the software cost as going to drop down to alomst zero by the end of Next Decade ! 🙂 . I am not sure whether you had read through this message and that is why I have extracted this piece of news form CNet.


Open-source entrepreneurs like Sun Microsystems’ Zack Urlocker and Cloudera’s Mike Olson were on parade on Wednesday at the Stanford Accel Symposium, but the biggest open-source announcement of all came from Bob Muglia, president of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business.

 Bob Muglia

Alfresco CTO John Newton was twittering the event and posted these comments from Bob Muglia’s presentation:

At some point, almost all our product(s) will have open source in (them).

If MySQL (or) Linux do a better job for you, of course you should use those products.

The reality is that more and more of Microsoft’s products already do include open-source software (including MSN Messenger and Visual Studio), but it’s still refreshing to hear Microsoft acknowledge what most enterprise software companies–including proprietary software companies with much to lose from open source–already know: open source is mainstream.

In 2006, Gartner talked about the importance of code reuse, a phenomenon perfectly suited for open source. Microsoft, by acknowledging that it would rather borrow some open-source code than reinvent every software wheel, is simply being pragmatic.

Open source is not the “cancer” that Microsoft used to call it. It’s just a great, efficient way to develop and distribute software.

Welcome to reality, Microsoft. We’ve been patiently waiting for you to arrive.


Source :∂=sphere

Disclaimer: Some contents of this post were copied with an intension that more people get to read the post.

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